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A Sustainable Future

At Valerio, we understand the need to exercise leadership in in our role in creating the built environment. Our profession is confronting the the fact that buildings are the largest single contributor to the production of greenhouse gasses- almost half of the total annual production.

We are evolving our current practices of design and influence on construction to realize significant reductions in the in the use of natural resources, non-renewable energy sources, waste production, and promoting regeneration of natural resources wherever possible.

But understanding the science behind the solutions and empowering our people to try new technologies requires committed leadership and constant innovation. We believe that it is important that we all understand that our decisions and actions today will directly impact the world we will leave for the future. Our children and grandchildren will judge our actions and the choices that we make.

Valerio is the architect, LEED Consultant, and LEED AP for the first LEED certified Louis Vuitton store in North America, located in Santa Monica, California. In order to achieve a LEED Gold certification that Louis Vuitton is seeking, the new retail store will feature new sustainable material choices as well as a number of innovative energy conservation measures. The store opened in 2010 and LEED documentation has been submitted and certification is pending. The completed store can be viewed here.

Another Valerio client, Starbucks, is deeply committed to LEED and sustainability. In addition to be a corporate partner with the USGBC in writing need LEED standards for retail tenant improvements, Starbucks has committed itself to seek LEED certification for all new locations that they develop. As such, Valerio is the LEED AP and architect for all of the new Starbucks locations that we develop in Southern California.

For more information on Valerio's commitment to sustainability, please read here.

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