Feeding Creativity

Restaurant Design Challenges

With more than 400 completed restaurant projects around the world, Valerio Architects has been recognized as one of the pre-eminent restaurant design firms in the US.

In addition to a thorough familiarity with the operations of a restaurant, the flow of the food from the kitchen to the customer's table, the circulation of the dining room and kitchen both from a customer's & employee's viewpoint, the Valerio design team constantly aspires to creating an experience for our customers that fully engages all of their senses. Often, too much attention is focused on the visual impact of a restaurant space while other critical design features such as noise and lighting are overlooked. The Valerio design team makes it a point of pride to focus on these aspects of the design from its inception which results in spaces that are not only visually appealing but that also create a comfortable experience for all of our client's customers. Through this process, the Valerio restaurant design team adds value to all of its restaurant designs whether for a national multi-unit roll-out concept or for a one-off restaurant design.

The Valerio design team believes in the importance of collaboration. Our creative and operations team merge their talents and experiences to achieve our clients' financial and brand image goals. The Valerio design team bases its design on informed market research to help them guide our clients through successful business ventures through construction and beyond. The depth of knowledge and experience developed by our restaurant design team makes it an invaluable asset to a large number of seasoned operators.

The only true way to appreciate one of our restaurant designs is to visit one in person and experience the space. Here is a glimpse.

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