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Architects are no longer restricted to practicing their craft in the immediate vicinity of their local city or state- the dynamics of globalization have changed all that. Today, it is just as easy for a firm to be working on a project halfway around the world, as it is to be working on one just a few blocks away. Over the last 10 years, while working on Oakley retail projects around the globe, Valerio has discovered some of the issues facing architects as they enter the realm of global practice and better understood what are the cultural influences on the design process when working abroad.

The key thing that true globalization offers is the potential for cross-cultural harmony. As designers, and in particular with reference to architectural projects, we believe that our role is to offer the project a different (or a series of different) perspectives based on local cultural influences. To be successful working abroad, an architect has to make a commitment to learning and listening on every level. Being able to get a Starbucks coffee when we get off a plane in Dubai or Berlin, and knowing that our drawings got there via FTP, is only a small part of global working. Valerio understands that if we neglect to take into consideration the nuances of the widely different markets around the world, we would be setting ourselves up for failure. By encompassing all that global and cultural history offers, we have the opportunity to provide new and exciting environments that can cross the boundaries that so often separate us. At Valerio, we believe this is the way of the future.

Architects have worked on projects in other parts of the world for many years. The process of managing these projects has gotten easier thanks to the internet, but creating a global design specification or finding suppliers who can provide the right solution halfway across the world can still be a challenge. At Valerio, we have developed a vast network of suppliers, vendors, and consultants in strategic areas around the world, and who have 'feet on the ground' where we need them, allowing us to deliver a consistent global solution. As a result of this resources network, Valerio has been increasingly contacted by corporate clients in need of both our global design and production capability, as well as our regional knowledge.

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