Founded in 1994 by Niccolo Valerio, Valerio Architects Inc. is a full service professional design firm dedicated to client service. Valerio Architects specializes in architecture, interior design, planning and brand design, providing technical and design expertise for retail, restaurant, and corporate office projects for a high-end international clientele. Valerio has a commitment to maintain quality through hands on principal involvement, constant communication, attention to budgets and schedules, state-of-the-art technology and the highest standard of design.

The firm's expertise, attention to detail, and creative yet pragmatic approach to each project, are the key attributes for the firm's continued success. To achieve high quality results in all areas, Valerio is constantly monitoring its performance against a range of physical benchmarks, intellectual objectives, and social responsibilities, based on the following principles –

• Provide our clients with both creative and practical solutions relevant to their needs,
• Collaborate in consultant teams, built on trust and professionalism, to maximize client team value and efficiency through long-term relationships,
• Deliver consistently high quality design services across the world, fully participating in a global marketplace of shifted time zones and economic business principles,
• Implement green building strategies and technologies wherever practical, to minimize the environmental impact of our projects,
• Educate and support team members, in the historical tradition of the architect/apprentice relationship, in learning to protect public health, safety, & welfare,
• Create commercial environments that inspire and delight their users.

Since its foundation, an adherence to the priorities of the client and maintaining that client relationship has framed the process by which the office functions. Valerio translates client goals into visually compelling and sustainable environments that can effectively support their brand and overall business strategies.

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