Valerio Architects Inc. is a ±40 persons architecture firm with offices in Los Angeles, California and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Valerio delivers projects nationally in all 50 US states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, and internationally in major cities around the world. The firm retains an extensive network of dedicated Consultants to support every project with a local presence.

Our firm is organized around semi-autonomous Practice Studios: Valerio Design, Valerio Architecture, Valerio Interiors, Valerio Consulting, Valerio Program & Project Management and Valerio Entitlements. These Practice Studios operate under a common umbrella sharing knowledge and resources, constantly collaborating on projects throughout the office.

Each Practice Studio is structured around dedicated client teams, led by a Project Architect and a Project Manager/ Job captain. This combination of team and studio structure, particularly valuable for roll- out programs, enables our team members to participate on projects from inception to completion, fosters team ownership of projects, and creates a client asset from retained project knowledge by the team.

Valerio relies on a specialized in- house permit expediting/ entitlement team led by Elizabeth Valerio. This team gives our firm a significant advantage over competing firms who rely solely on Architects to process permitting. Elizabeth has broad experience with retail and restaurant roll- outs nationwide, and her national network of permit expediters is a valuable asset for the firm and our clients.

Since its inception, Valerio has been able to compete with other larger firms, and has kept ahead of its competitors, through the use of advanced technology to create an extremely efficient workflow. This technology expertise enabled Valerio Architects to establish an office in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2006, to create increased production capacity and a presence in a US East coast time zone. The Valerio Office in Buenos Aires works seamlessly with our Los Angeles office.

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