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Oakley Auckland Flagship

Auckland, New Zealand

Valerio has had a close working relationship with Oakley's president, senior management, retail, and development teams since 2002.  Joining Oakley's retail development program when only the first few stores had opened has led to the completion of over 130 retail projects both domestically and worldwide over the last 8 years, with Valerio acting as the sole architectural services provider.
In addition to store planning and roll-out CA services, Valerio provides Oakley with the full range of our services, including assisting with brand development and new store concepts, and an intensive program management services.  Valerio acts as an in-house architecture team to assist with new store roll-outs on an efficient schedule.  A dedicated project team assigned to the Oakley account handles surveys, scheduling, meetings, and many more services, to provide a high standard of work as an integral part of the Oakley team.




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