Valerio is committed to incorporating environmentally sound and sustainable practices in the planning, design, and construction of all our projects. The firm implements green building strategies and technologies wherever practical to minimize the environmental impact of these projects.

For all of our retail and restaurant projects over the last 5 years, Valerio clients have been increasingly requiring the practice and implementation of green building strategies and technologies through an evolving corporate ethos to mitigate their project's environmental impact. While we always strive to increase the comfort, health, and safety of the people who work and shop in these projects, we are increasingly focusing on the challenge to build smarter, so we can minimize the use of nonrenewable energy, produce a minimum of pollution, and minimize the dollar value expended on energy.

In addition to addressing sustainability, a great percentage of Valerio projects are eligible for a number of LEED points. As more landlords move toward LEED certified core & shell strategies, we expect opportunities for tenant improvement projects to take advantage of the inherent synergy, and to justify the additional up front development costs associated with full LEED Certification.

In partnership with our clients, as we decide to implement certain strategies and technologies, the team uses the multiple filters of “practicality, efficient incorporation into the current system, and immediate economic returns.” This means that a strategy or technology that is technically and financially feasible within the client's current development model will be implemented. In Valerio's experience these sustainable practices are an attainable green building strategy in a tenant improvement context.

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